Christmas Cookies

December 4, 2017

If you've been listening to our reviews of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, you may have noticed a common trope: at some point in most of these, a bunch of characters get together to bake Christmas cookies in the kitchen. Well, this movie takes that idea and asks, "What if a whole town did that?" Here's the description from IMDB: "A corporate agent is sent to a small town to buy a cookie company and shut down its factory. When she starts falling in love with the factory's owner, the town's Christmas spirit over takes her." 


Tis the Season for Love

December 3, 2017

It's official! We have the worst title of any Christmas movie we've ever reviewed with today's movie, Tis the Season for Love. Here's the description for IMDB: "A small town girl who moved to New York to pursue her dreams returns home for the holidays, only to realize that maybe her dreams aren't miles away, but right in her hometown." A great movie for anyone who loves nonsensical movie titles and giving up on their dreams. 


The Sweetest Christmas

December 2, 2017

If you've ever wanted to know more about the cutthroat world of competitive gingerbread house building, today's episode is for you. We review The Sweetest Christmas, which stars Hallmark Channel MVP Lacey Chabert. The description from IMDB: "When struggling pastry chef Kylie Watson learns she's made it to the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition, she thinks her competitive spirit has finally paid off and hopes the publicity will help her jumpstart her new café. There's just one problem - the oven she's supposed to use breaks down right before the contest. Determined to enter, she reaches out to Nick Mazannti, her old boyfriend from culinary school who gave up his dream of being a pastry chef to take over his family's pizzeria. Nick allows her to use his industrial pizza oven at night to craft her ambitious gingerbread confections. As the two reminisce about the dreams of their youth, their romance is rekindled. But just as Kylie is on the cusp of taking the grand prize - and embracing true love - things get complicated when her ex-boyfriend takes drastic steps to win her back. Kylie realizes she must embrace the Christmas Spirit or risk losing both the contest and her new love." 


Window Wonderland

December 1, 2017

Can decorating two department store windows for the entire month of December be an actual job? The 2013 Hallmark Channel movie Window Wonderland posits that yes, yes it can. That's the film we reviewed today. Here's the description from IMDB: "A department-store window decorator learns there is a vacancy for her dream job in the run-up to Christmas, only to find a professional rival has his eye on it too."


Annie Claus is Coming to Town

November 30, 2017

In this episode we review Annie Claus is Coming to Town, which is basically "What if Elf was a Woman?" The description from IMDB: "This year, Santa's daughter (Maria Thayer) takes her first trip away from the North Pole during the Christmas season hoping to find adventure and love in sunny California. While Santa watches his daughter through a magic snow globe, Annie arrives in L.A. and becomes friends with the owner of Candy Cane Inn, Lucy (Vivica A. Fox), and her daughter, Mia (Nay Nay Kirby). She also quickly lands a job at Wonderland Toys. Wonderland Toys' owner, Ted (Sam Page) is struggling to stay in business selling old-fashioned toys in a digital world. Annie soon realizes that she wants Ted's business to thrive because she has feelings for this Christmas traditionalist."


Christmas List

November 29, 2017

Today's Christmas episode reviews the 2016 Hallmark Channel movie "Christmas List." The description from IMDB: "Isobel Gray (Alicia Witt) plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a snow-covered cottage in the Northwest, and a carefully composed bucket list of classic holiday traditions. But when the boyfriend goes AWOL, the list proves challenging and a tempting new romance turns her life upside down. Will Isobel have a White Christmas ending under the mistletoe?"


Miss Christmas

November 28, 2017

Another day, another Christmas movie. Today it's a new one from the Hallmark Channel called "Miss Christmas." From "Nicknamed “Miss Christmas,” the official tree finder for Chicago’s renowned Radcliffe Tree lighting is left desperate to find the perfect tree. A letter from a young boy promising his tree is perfect sends her to a small town where she learns the young boy’s dad isn’t willing to part with his tree. While sparks fly, she’ll be forced to confront what she’s really been missing for Christmas." If you're a tree finder by trade, you may want to skip this episode. 


A Cinderella Christmas

November 27, 2017

What happens when a classic fairy tale is modernized around the world of event catering? You have the movie we reviewed for today's episode, A Cinderella Christmas. Here's the description: "Angie works hard to run her uncle's events business while her cousin Candace takes the credit. When Angie takes a night off to have fun at the Christmasquerade Ball, the mask and gown allow her to let loose, and she quickly catches the eye of Nicholas, a wealthy local bachelor. But then Angie has to go before revealing her identity, leaving Nicholas searching for his mystery woman in this modern take on the classic fairytale." 


The Christmas Switch

November 26, 2017

On today's installment of our 25 days of Christmas we review "The Christmas Switch," a weirdly dark movie combining two of Elizabeth's favorite things: Christmas and body swap movies. The description from IMDB: "Eddie Bennett is a fast-talking, three-card monte dealer who has hustled the streets of New York City for the last 15 years. Eddie along with his friends, has mastered every scam there is until one day he is visited by a mysterious man who offers him an unusual proposition. He will give Eddie the chance to achieve eternal redemption for all the bad deeds he has done. The price is simple: he must transfer his spirit to a different body for three weeks. This way an aging, ailing Santa Claus, Sam, can use Eddie's body to play St. Nick for one more Christmas." 


Christmas in the Smokies

November 25, 2017

It's day 2 of our 25 (but not really) Days of Christmas, and we're back with Christmas in the Smokies. Here's the IMDB description: "Christmas in the Smokies is a modern day Christmas classic set in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It tells the story of one family's journey to save their historic berry farm against all odds during one fateful holiday season." Who has a berry farm and expects to make money in this day and age? Come on man. This classic stars the guy who played Maurice on Norther Exposure and the couples therapist from Old School as the mayor.