The Equalizer

This week, we saw Denzel Washington take out the Russian mafia all the way up to Vladimir Putin in The Equalizer. Plus we review trailers for Fury, Blackhat, and The Interview.

This one's all over the place. We give a tepid review for Liam Neeson's latest, A Walk Among The Tombstones. We also dissect Liam's post-Taken career as well as the trailers for Gone Girl, Kill the Messenger, and John Wick. We close out with an inexplicable discussion of 50 Shades of Grey. 

The Drop

We give a very positive review for The Drop starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini. We also give a mini-review of the Paula Patton classic Baggage Claim, Patton's magnum opus. Trailers are discussed for Unbroken, Into the Woods, and Birdman. 

We're back with reviews for Sin City (5.25 because Elizabeth insists on using decimals despite a 30 point scale not needing them) and The November Man (6.5). Not a great week for movies, but a great week for hearing reviews of terrible movies. There's also some trailer talk around Nicholas Sparks' latest, Mike's man-love of Tom Hardy, and Diverg-I mean Hunger Ga-I mean Maze Runner.