This week we talk about Christopher Nolan's latest, Interstellar. We also have a larger discussion about Nolan as a filmmaker. Spoiler alert: Mike thinks he is good.

This week we discuss Dumb and Dumber 2. Plus our trailer talk covers Jeff Bridges' new accent, the new Avengers joint, and the possibilities of the Minions serving Hitler during the Holocaust.

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In this week's ep we talk about Jake Gyllenhaal's great performance in Nightcrawler, a pretty good movie. Plus we talk about the trailers for Chris Rock's Top Five and some horror movie Elizabeth referred to as Lady in the Water 2. 

St. Vincent

A resounding "meh" for Bill Murray's latest ,St. Vincent, in which Murray plays a cantankerous old man with a not so secret heart of gold. Also, Mike gets really passionate about the trailer for the latest Kevin Hart movie for some reason.