This week we talk about Marvel's latest, AntMan. Plus we talk about the trailers for Batman v. Superman, Fant-Four-stic Four, and some piece of shit Chris Pine Coast Guard movie from Disney I'm too lazy to look up the title for. We literally just recorded the podcast and named the movie, but I'm still not going to look it up. Needless to say, it doesn't look very good. 

Self Slash Less

Some movies are great, some are horrible. Some straddle a line of schlock and quality so fine that they exist in the realm of "awesomely bad." Self/Less is one of those movies, and we had a ball seeing it and reviewing it. We also talk about the trailers for Legend and Suffragette. 

Jurassic World

In our latest review, we see if Jurassic World completely sucked or if life...uh...uh...found a way. The answer lied somewhere in the totally mediocre middle. 


If you thought Tomorrowland was bad, wait til you get a load of the NEW worst movie of 2015, Aloha! In this episode we tear Cameron Crowe's latest offering to shreds.