Bad Moms

You could have called Bad Moms "Bad Movie" and the title would still be accurate. This week we saw Bad Moms and while we didn't like it, it did lead to an interesting discussion on how on how the film serves as an allegory for Trump vs. Hillary, why athletes like JJ Watt shouldn't be cast in comedies, and Mike's innate ability to re-cast movies. He even offers his casting services to other films. Plus we talk about a few new trailers. 

Christian Mingle

This week Mike's sister Amy joined us to watch and talk about Christian Mingle, the Netflix movie based on the Christian dating site. If you haven't seen it (which, why would you have?) it was really bad, but in a fascinating way.

The movie is an basically designed as an ad for the dating site, but you'd think they'd want to comfort the fears of people who feel like they aren't religious enough, right? Wrong. This movie sets out to intimidate anyone who isn't a fervently religious. It features a cameo from the guy who played J. Peterman on Seinfeld, and early on in the film we debated whether or not he was playing God disguised as another character. Then we spent the rest of the run time figuring out if someone else was going to be God. There's also a very weird scene where the family goes to a place called "Steak and Cakes" where they're just served slabs of steak along with two big cakes. Nothing else. This was one of the worst movies we've watched for the podcast but it was probably the most fun to deconstruct. 

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond: the movie that boringly goes where no one has gone before. In this episode we talk about the latest edition into the Star Trek universe, which failed to impress. 

Show notes: 
  • Trailers we talk about include the new Jack Reacher and XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. We talk a little Vin Diesel because who doesn't like Vin Diesel? 
  • The other people in the theater with us were pretty well-behaved. We did have a funny crew of Star Trek nerds in our row. We talk about how they had trouble finding their seats. 


In this episode we discuss the Ghostbusters remake and talk about whether or not it should have been a reboot or a sequel. Also during trailer talk we talk about why Mike doesn't like sad movies. 

This week we talk about The Legend of Tarzan as well as trailers for Sully, Bleed for This, and whatever new thing JK Rowling has introduced to keep milking that Harry Potter money. 

The Shallows

We saw The Shallows, but we don't talk about it that much. We talk trailers (mostly about The Ghostbusters remake) and full disclosure: most of this episode is us talking about the horrible people who were in the theater. We had a group of 13 year old girls Mike had to deal with and a guy answering his cell phone without getting up to leave.

In this episode we're reviewing the trainwreck that is Independence Day - Resurgence. All you'll be able to think while watching it is, "Must go faster." Any time you can say, "The first one with Randy Quaid was better" about a movie, that isn't a good sign.