"It conjures images of Jason Statham as Christ...for some reason."

We saw The Mechanic: Resurrection and we're disappointed to report Jason Statham doesn't fix one damn car. Total letdown. We also discuss the trailer for King Arthur. 

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In this episode we discuss the Ben-Hur remake starring Richard Harr...I mean, Jack Huston. We also review trailers for The Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, and the confusingly named Same Kind of Different As Me. We also talk about Morgan Freeman and his lack of a non-Morgan Freeman accent and our brief run-in with actor Joaquin Phoenix after the movie. 

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Nine Lives

"What is, in this universe...what do souls do? When you've been shitty to your family, your soul might go to an animal. That's all we know so far. Other than that, we have no way of knowing where it is or what's happening." 

We saw Nine Lives, starring Christopher Walken and the voice of Kevin Spacey as a  man trapped in the body of a cat. You get to hear Christopher Walken answer a question by saying, "Of course. I'm a cat whisperer. It's what I do" which is the most entertaining part of the film. We talk about the trailers for a trio of upcoming animated films. We also discuss a pair of teenagers in the theater with us who left before the movie, apparently disappointed they wouldn't be able to hook up. Plus we engage in a very spirited debate over whether or not Mark Hamill is a good actor. Mike questions Elizabeth's assertion that Hamill's performance as Luke Skywalker is just him playing himself. 

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Sausage Party

"The whole time we were there I was thinking, 'At least I'm supporting animation?'" 

Remember in college when you went to a party with a lot of dudes, and some clever satirist would remark, "Man, this is a real sausage party"? Well, Seth Rogen used that as a springboard to make an entire cartoon movie. Sausage Party is Rogen's new animated comedy, and it left us with mixed feelings. Mixed as in, "Is it very bad, or just bad?" (Spoiler: very bad) We also dive into some trailer talk: Mike thinks Doctor Strange will be when "Marvel fatigue" starts to set in and Elizabeth asks a bunch of questions about the Resident Evil series Mike is unable to answer. Plus Mike vents about idiots who show up late to a crowded movie in a large group but still insist on going to the top of the stadium seating to see if they can get seats together. You want good seats for all 18 of you? Get there at a reasonable time, not 10 minutes into the first act.  

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Jason Bourne

"I think that's speaking to your bigger fear of drowning in Coke." 

In this episode we review Jason Bourne, Matt Damon's return to the Bourne series. It was decent, but nothing revolutionary was going on here. Before that, Mike analyzes the pre-movie, pre-previews Coke commercial at Regal Cinemas that essentially forces the viewer to imagine themselves drowning in a glass of Coke. He finds it horrifying, Elizabeth thinks it's just a commercial. Plus we talk about the trailers for Split and Why Him? 

Suicide Squad

"You don't even have to make a good movie. Just make a movie that doesn't leave me feeling afterwards like I need to take a shower." 

We saw Suicide Squad and the results were "eh" to "not good." Elizabeth liked it okay while Mike hated it. We discuss our big problems with the movie (characters no one cares about before or after the film, a plot and villains basically rehashed from countless other comic book-type movies, plus many more). 

Our trailer talk delves into the controversy over Matt Damon playing the lead in a film about ancient China, the surprisingly decent looking Wonder Woman, the Roberto Duran biopic Hands of Stone, and Christopher Nolan's upcoming WWII drama Dunkirk.


Are you a player or a watcher? This week we saw the new Dave Franco/Emma Roberts social media thriller Nerve. It was pretty solid. We start off with a little back and forth over our podcast intros which dovetails into a heated argument over our rating styles Elizabeth accuses Mike of grading on a "logarithmic scale." While that may be true, Mike was unable to agree as that word was way too big for him to understand. But we both liked Nerve and had fun talking about how it succeeded as a great popcorn movie but didn't quite knock it out of the park with some of the bigger themes it was trying to get across. We talk about the trailer for Rogue One, with Mike commenting on some of the Internet rumors he's heard about the production. We also talk about the trailer for The Blair Witch, which scared the crap out of Elizabeth and sorta confused Mike. 

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