In this episode we review the remake of a remake, The Magnificent Seven starring Denzel and Chris Pratt. We also talk about the new trailer for Passengers with America's Sweethearts (Jennifer Lawrence and the aforementioned Pratty Boy), and have a healthy debate over whether or not Chris Pratt cracked wise in Jurassic World. It's a very Pratt-heavy podcast. 

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On this episode we did our first Facebook live simulcast to review When the Bough Breaks, the thriller without thrills. We talk a little bit about Morris Chestnutt and also how we've never seen a film with the word "bough" in the title. Plus we talk trailers for the latest Underworld movie (apparently titled "Underworld: Kate Beckinsale"), Kong: Skull Island, Hidden Figures, and Almost Christmas. 

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"This movie is like a documentary about the life of your IT guy."

With that sentence, Elizabeth summed this movie up perfectly. On this episode we review Snowden, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and directed by Oliver Stone. Despite a pretty great performance from JGL, this one ends up being about as boring as you'd think a movie about a computer programmer would be. One fatal flaw we discuss: despite casting Nic Cage, Stone's unwillingness to let him fly off the handle and really play crazy really undermines the film. Nic Cage as the CIA's nutty, megalonmaniacal deputy director would have taken this movie to another level. But that isn't the movie we got. 

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This is a solo episode, as Elizabeth is out on vacation while Mike discusses his favorite movie of 2016, Hell or High Water. He also talks about movie seat buffer areas and just how good an actor Jeff Bridges is. 


"How great would that movie have been? Sully, with the cast of Entourage doing the rescue." 

In this episode we review Sully, a solid movie which may as well have been called "Tom Hanks Spends A Few Nights in Some New York Marriotts." This movie also featured Turtle from Entourage as a scuba cop and the host of the old Nickelodeon game show Guts as the head of the NTSB. We also discuss trailers for Collateral Beauty, Live By Night, and American Pastoral. We also talk about how Ewan McGregor doesn't age and where Anakin Skywalker's Force ghost really would have ended up. 

War Dogs

Much like Jason Statham didn't fix one car in The Mechanic: Resurrection, there wasn't one golden retriever driving a tank in War Dogs. In this episode we talk about Todd Phillips' newest comedy-drama about gun runners, which plays like Diet Scorsese. 

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