La La Land

In this episode we review La La Land, the new musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Plus we discuss trailers for The Shack (which was confusing) Gifted (starring Chris Evans, which Mike tricked Elizabeth into thinking was the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War) and Silence (Scorsese's newest that looks like the cinematic equivalent of a long sigh). 

Rogue One

There's a new Star Wars movie in theaters, so you know we had to call on some Star Wars experts: our buddies Courtney Fearrington ( and Pete Bladel ( This is a mega-episode, jam packed with our review of Rogue One, a preview of some big trailers (Transformers, Fate of the Furious, Dunkirk and more), and a little discussion on what's next for the Star Wars movies. This is a must-listen for Star Wars nerds. 


We've reached the epic conclusion to our 25 Days of Christmas: the 1989 re-telling of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol Scrooged, starring Bill Murray. We talk about why this is such an effective adaptation of such a played out property and give props to the great cast (Alfre Woodard, Bobcat Goldthwait, Karen Allen and that Murray guy). Thanks for listening all this month everybody - here's wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year!

Deck the Halls

Merry Christmas Eve! Our next-to-last episode is a review of Deck the Halls, the 2007 movie starring Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito featuring unlikable characters with horrible goals and motivations. Danny DeVito's character's main goal is to have his house seen from space, which serves himself and humanity in absolutely no way. 

Home Alone

With only two more shopping days until Christmas, we watched and reviewed the holiday classic Home Alone. We talk about how impossibly nice the McAlister's house is, Home Alone 2 and its unsatisfying conclusion for the pigeon lady and why Kevin didn't just tell Old Man Marley at the church he was in trouble. 

Today we review the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street, starring Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins, Mara Wilson and Dylan McDermott Mulrooney. This episode features a lengthy argument over whether or not judges are allowed to make arguments during hearings. For the second ep in a row we display our deep legal acumen. 

The name of the movie may be Stealing Christmas, but to us it will always be called Tony Claus (requested by Greg Eltringham). Tony Danza stars as a thief turned Santa Claus who escapes a robbery gone bad to become a Santa Claus at Lea Thompson's small town tree farm. Shocker: he reforms and falls in love with her. We discuss the plot and also how Elizabeth for some reason thought Tony Danza was actually Ted Danson. Just listen, it makes more sense that way. 

We're heading into the home stretch on day 20 of our 25 Days of Christmas. Today's movie: The Flight Before Christmas starring Mayim Bialik (aka TV's Blossom). The description, from IMDB: "Two strangers who both happen to be in marketing, share a room at a bed-and-breakfast when a snowstorm strands their flight in Montana on Christmas Eve." Not sure why IMDB pointed out the fact that the two leads were in marketing, as it has nothing to do with the plot. We also discuss the most jarring cameo yet of our holiday season movie binge: the actors who played Carl and Harriett from Family Matters as married innkeepers. 

Our latest episode in our 25 Days of Christmas is The Spirit of Christmas, a Hallmark movie requested by our friend Alexa. The description from IMDB: "A woman falls in love with a man who is somewhat unavailable." I know that doesn't tell you a lot, but I wanted to include it because it has to be the least descriptive IMDB description I've ever seen. Basically, a lawyer falls in love with a ghost who died 95 years ago at a haunted inn and tries to help him figure out why he hasn't "moved on." It's a little darker than the Christmas movies we usually review. We discuss the rules of ghosts in this universe, why a ghost would be a good bartender, and whether or not the main ghost is dead or alive at the end of the movie. 

Christmas Mix

We're back for another episode from Mike's parents house joined by Amy and Chris. This time we review Christmas Mix, starring Haylie Duff, Maureen McCormick, and the illustrious Tilky Jones. Here's the description from IMDB: "A cynical radio host is banished to Colorado, where he has an on-air spat with a hopeless romantic. Soon, their antagonistic relationship sparks the interest of the whole town."

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