In this episode we review M. Night Shyamalan's Split with our special guests, comedians Becca Steinhoff and Herbie Gill. This is a wide ranging episode where discuss the trailers for Get Out and Chips, movies that depend on a twist or surprise ending, and (inexplicably) the "very special episode" of Diff'rent Strokes. This one's a longer episode, but its a fun listen. 

Today we give you guys a lost episode - this is a review of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates from this past summer. We recorded this ep on Elizabeth's iPhone as we drove to the Outer Banks of North Carolina on vacation. We're also joined by a guest star - the car's GPS, which interrupts us twice. 

We're back with a new review of XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. We also talk about the trailer and casting controversy for Ghost in the Shell, how the XXX franchise stacks up to Fast and the Furious, and Elizabeth's fascination with space weather. 


In this episode we review Fences, directed and starring the great Denzel Washington but in many ways stolen by the equally great Viola Davis. Mike talks about how it reminds him of one of his favorite films, There Will Be Blood. We also talk about trailers for The Last Word and The Founder, plus we talk a little bit about seeing this movie at a different theater, the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square - an "away game" for us. 

Hidden Figures

In today's episode we review Hidden Figures. We discuss Taraji's performance and Elizabeth's difficulty with her name, Jim Parsons playing himself in the movie apparently, and where Kevin Costner got the chalk he handed to Taraji in one of the film's most pivotal scenes. We also talk about the trailers for Boss Baby and A United Kingdom. 

Last Vegas

In this episode we review one of our favorite "so bad it's kinda good" movies, Last Vegas. 

"This was like the Citizen Kane of movies where Kate Beckinsale rips out someone's spine." 

Our latest episode reviews Underworld Blood Wars, the latest in the Underworld series. We give a review of the stupid plot despite not having seen any of the other movies in the series and talk a little bit about why in the hell anyone would make 5 (!) of these. Also Elizabeth tries to guess what the names of the other films are despite, as we said earlier, having never seen them. We're biased, but in our estimation this is probably our funniest episode to date. We also discuss trailers for Life (aka Boring Alien) and Rings, the new sequel to The Ring. 


In today's episode, we talk about Inception, Christopher Nolan's 2010 thriller about dreams inside of dreams inside of dreams. Our discussion also turns - inevitably, some might say - to Batman. 

Happy New Year! We kick off 2017 with Assassin's Creed, the Michael Fassbender sci-fi action movie based on the video game. We also talk about the trailer for Jordan Peele's directorial debut, Get Out.