Before I Fall

On our latest episode we review Before I Fall, which is basically Groundhog Day meets Mean Girls (minus the laughs of both). We also talk about the trailer for The Promise and debate over whether or not using the Groundhog Day template makes for a compelling movie. 

March Madness

For only the second time in the history of our humble podcast, we DID NOT just see a movie. No, this one's for basketball fans. This episode is all about March Madness - in it we go through Elizabeth's bracket, game by game, to get her picks (and her rationale, which often leaves Mike incredulous). We also relay some of our March Madness stories, including the time we spent the tournament's entire first day at an Applebee's and won a Corona cooler, as well as the time we went to Vegas. Plus at the end of the podcast we watch the end of the UC-Davis/NC Central play-in game after Elizabeth makes a bet on it that could prove disastrous to her bracket.

This week we review Kong: Skull Island. The Kong talk doesn't start until about 21 minutes in though - before that we talk about the trailer for The Circle, why comedians tend to make good actors, and another discussion on theater etiquette. 


We're back with a review of the final movie about everybody's favorite Wolf Man Guy, Logan. We also talk about the Deadpool short that played before the movie, the Alien: Covenant trailer, and the naming convention of the Fast and the Furious movies. 

Get Out

In our latest episode, we review Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out. Plus we talk a bit about Mike's first time having a contact lens pop out at the movies.