Friend of the podcast Lafayette Wright is back to debate Mike on one of Mike's favorite film franchises: the Dark Knight trilogy. This one is for the hardcore Batman nerds as the two go into a spirited debate over the mertis of Christopher Nolan's take on the Caped Crusader. 

When Sparks Fly

Bad Movie Friday is back! This time we're watching 2014 Hallmark movie "When Sparks Fly." The description, from IMDB: "A big city journalist is sent back to her small hometown to write a Fourth of July story and discovers the life and love she left behind are exactly what she's been missing." That is literally the entire movie summed up and spoiled succinctly. This is basically one of those Hallmark Christmas movies, only swap out the Fourth of July for Christmas. 


It's Michael Mann Week here on We Just Saw A Movie. Friend of the podcast and comedian Lafayette Wright is back to talk with Mike about one of their favorite films - Michael Mann's Collateral. 

Miami Vice

We're changing it up for this episode. This week Mike is joined by his friend and fellow comedian, Lafayette Wright to talk about Miami Vice. Like Mike, Lafayette is a big Michael Mann fan, so they discussed one of his films they disagree on. This is a wide-ranging and freewheeling discussion covering a lot of topics including Miami Vice, Heat versus Collateral, our favorite dumb movies of all time, how Nicolas Cage has already played the best version of Joker, and much more. 

All Relative

Bad Movie Friday is back, and this time we went to Netflix to find a surefire classic called All Relative, about a guy who accidentally bangs the mother of the girl he's dating. That's all you need to know before listening. Really. This movie is a tour de force that features four main characters refusing to react as rational human beings would react at every turn. 


In today's episode we review Baywatch. This episode includes: 

  • A quick discussion of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's nickname and Oscar prospects. (0:18) 
  • A review of the teaser for Murder on the Orient Express. (1:20) 
  • A comparison of Agatha Christie's novels and the children's board game Clue. (2:30) 
  • An analysis of how jarring the Imagine Dragons song was in the Murder on the Orient Express trailer. (5:30) 
  • The main event of the episode: a review of Baywatch. (7:15) 

The Mummy

In today's episode we review The Mummy: 

  • We debate whether or not "Tommy C" is a commonly agreed-upon nickname for Tom Cruise. (0:30) 
  • We score The Mummy on a scale of 1-30. (1:05) 
  • We review the trailer for Tommy C's next movie, American Made, which includes another debate over Elizabeth's aversion to movies based on a true story. (2:05) 
  • We review the trailer for Steven Sodebergh's Logan Lucky. (12:00) 
  • We break down the other aspects of the Dark Universe, including how the studio's meeting with Javier Bardem to convince him to play Frankenstein, Angelina Jolie as the Bride of Frankenstein, and Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man. (16:45)
  • We launch into the episode's main event: a review of The Mummy. (20:51) 

Time After Time

We're back with a new special edition of We Just Saw A Movie. It's a new running series we're calling "Bad Movie Fridays" where we pick out one bad movie to review for a bonus Friday episode. For our first one we're reviewing the Hallmark Channel time travel movie "Time After Time." Here's the description from IMDB: After returning to Long Island to confront his past, a journalist comes face to face with his future." Basically, a guy from the future visits himself in the past to try to change his fate. 

In our latest episode we review Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the final installment in Disney's Jack Sparrow Cinematic Universe. In this episode: 

  • We debate over the correct pronounciation of "Caribbean." (0:43)
  • We give our review of the movie on a scale of 1-30. (2:08)
  • We revisit our most controversial moviegoing experience...The Jersey Boys Incident. We also tease a possible future review. (3:30) 
  • We launch into the episode's main event: a review of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Man, we ran out of breath just TYPING that title. (4:30)

Wonder Woman

In today's episode we discuss the surprisingly excellent Wonder Woman, one of our favorite movies of the year. In this episode: 

  • Mike analyzes Elizabeth's beverage choice of a Bud Light Peach-a-Rita. (1:05) 
  • Our ratings for Wonder Woman on a scale of 1-30. (3:00) 
  • A review of the trailer for A Mountain Between Us, the Idris Elba/Kate Winslet plane crash survival movie Elizabeth inexplicably thought was about the United passenger who got dragged off the plane in April. (3:50) 
  • A review of the Justice League trailer. (8:21) 
  • The episode's main event: a review of Wonder Woman. (10:29)