Merry Christmas! We finally reached the big day, and as a reward we decided to treat ourselves to a movie we actually enjoyed, Will Ferrell's 2003 holiday classic Elf. After all those Hallmark movies, God know's we earned it. We talk about why Elf is one of our favorite Christmas movies (the answer involves both Will Ferrell and James Caan). Hope you and yours have a great holiday!

As we come into the home stretch of our 25 Days of Christmas on Christmas Eve, here's our review of The Christmas Cottage, starring Hallmark Channel movie all star Steve Lund. Here's the description from IMDB: "Any couple who spends the night in the Christmas cottage shall have love everlasting - Lacey Quinn did not believe in happily ever after or the legend of the Christmas cottage. As maid of honor for her best friend Ava, her duties included decorating the cottage for the newlyweds. It was a simple enough task, but she hadn't counted on sexy Ean Callahan, the bride-to-be's brother, to be assisting her. Spending the evening ensconced in the overly romantic setting while a blizzard howls outside has Lacey wondering if fairy tales really do come true." 

Finding Santa

Today's episode is about the Hallmark Channel movie Finding Santa, but we focus less on the film and more on Mike's time playing Santa and the fact that Stephanie Tanner was barren on Fuller House. Here's the description from IMDB: "Grace is thrilled to be taking over the town's Christmas parade, but when the man playing St. Nick breaks his arm, she needs to find a replacement, even if the replacement is unwilling."

We Just Saw A Movie's 25 Days of Christmas rolls on with our latest review, Hallmark Channel's Christmas in Evergreen. Here's the description from IMDB: "Hoping to spur her longtime beau to action, a small-town veterinarian wishes upon a snow globe that this will be her most romantic Christmas ever." That description doesn't really describe it. She does wish for that, but she doesn't end up with her longtime beau. She ends up with the other guy: the superhero single dad doctor she meets at the airport. Enjoy the podcast, everyone. 

After taking a break for a few days, our 25 Days of Christmas is back with a review of A Christmas Dogwalker's Tale, which feels like it has a few too many nouns in the title to make sense. Here's the description from IMDB: "When spoiled, 21-year old college student Luce Lockhart is forced to take a job over the holidays walking a rich developer's dog, she is thrilled to discover they are going to build a salon and spa over the quaint local dog park nearby. But when Luce meets Dean, an irritating yet handsome dogwalker actively trying to stop them, Luce is forced to question what the park means to her newfound friends, and whether she can put aside her selfish ways to help save the park before Christmas."

This episode needs no introduction. We have our friends, and former guests, Pete and Kate on to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Beware: lots of spoilers ahead! Don't listen to this one 'til you've seen the movie. 

We're taking a break from our 25 Days of Christmas to bring you a special Star Wars episode in advance of The Last Jedi premiere. Mike sits down with frequent WJSAM guest comedian Pete Bladel to talk about Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and make some predictions on what they think will happen in The Last Jedi. A must-listen for Star Wars nerds! 

Fir Crazy

We've had yet to review a pun-based Christmas movie title in our 25 Days of Christmas thus far (at least I think? Who knows at this point), so today's our first. Fir Crazy is a movie about a woman who hates Christmas because her family sold trees every Christmas when she was a kid. Now she has to work there as an adult. It also has Colin Mochrie, star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? It was weird that he was the villain seeing as he's so funny in real life.

In today's episode we take a break from reviewing Hallmark Channel fare to review one that may as well have been a Hallmark: Netflix's A Christmas Prince. It's our second "marry a royal guy at Christmas" film of the season. Here's the description: "When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince, she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love - but will she be able to keep up her lie?"

December Bride

As our 25 Days of Christmas rolls on, we're back with another Hallmark movie that combines two of the Hallmark Channel's favorite things: Christmas and weddings. Here's the IMDB description of today's movie, December Bride: "A holiday wedding brings no joy to the bride's cousin, who was literally left by the groom right at the altar. But she might find her true love there when she gains a fake fiancé in the process." We contend this one should have been called "Fake Christmas Fiance." 

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