Death Wish

And the Academy Award for "Movie with the Worst Timing" goes to....Death Wish! Mike saw this one by himself, but Elizabeth is still on hand to hear him recount the gory details. We talk about the film and about how Elizabeth kicked Mike out of the house, leading him to see this ill-fated remake of the Charles Bronson classic. 

We're back with a review of the sequel nobody asked for, Pacific Rim: Uprising. We saw this one in IMAX 3D at the AMC Lincoln Center 13 - pound for pound one of the best screens in the country. We give our review of the film and talk about the trailer for Rock's new film Skyscraper (aka Die Hard with One Leg). Bonus - this episode may feature one of Mike's shakiest intros ever. There's something for everybody. 

It's our second annual March Madness episode! No movie review - today we're just giving our 2018 NCAA Tournament picks. Mike asks Elizabeth to give her rationale for a lot of her picks while displaying his blind homerism for Virginia Tech, plus we make some big bets on a few unlikely outcomes. For the Venn Diagram of college basketball and movie fans (of which Elizabeth predicts there are none), this is a can't-miss episode. 

In our latest episode we review A Wrinkle In Time. We discuss how it stacks up to the book as well as Elizabeth's kinship with anyone sharing her last name of Reid. Plus we review the trailers for Mary Poppins Returns, Hotel Transylvania 3, and Christopher Robin.  

Red Sparrow

We're back and (some might say) better than ever with a brand new episode. In our latest we review the new spy thriller Red Sparrow. We also discuss a couple new trailers. 

Game Night

We know this episode is labeled as a review of Game Night. If we're being honest, we do not talk about the movie much. This is another free-wheeling episode where we talk about the new Venom trailer, Mike's confusion with the appeal of the "home invasion" sub-genre, and whether or not Elizabeth would like The Godfather. Oh, and we discuss Game Night a little bit too. Fans of our banter will love this one. People looking for a hardcore review of Game Night? We don't know what to tell you.