Isle of Dogs

In what's becoming a running trend, we've recorded another episode where Mike's seen the movie and Elizabeth hasn't. In this one Mike explains his review of Isle of Dogs to Elizabeth, plus Elizabeth predicts the next movie she'll kick Mike out of the house to see by himself. 


The Rock versus a massive gorilla, crocodile, and flying wolf? Sign us up! In this episode we review Rampage. We also review two new previews in Trailer Talk: The Meg and Upgrade. 

If you're a big fan of historical farcical tragicomedies, The Death of Stalin is for you. In today's episode we review the Armando Iannuci-directed comedy. Gotta tell you, if you're a fan of Nucky Thompson (like Mike is), you'll probably dig Buscemi's performance in this one. There's no better Buscemi than Conniving Prick Buscemi. 

In today's episode we review Spielberg's latest: Ready Player One. There's also some trailer talk, and we discuss the lame family in front of us in line at the concession stand. 

Tomb Raider

Reboot Alert! We're back to talk Tomb Raider, the uninspired reboot of the uninspired adaptation of the mediocre video game. Actually, we didn't play it so we don't know if it was mediocre. If the movies are any indication, it was. While it was a bland film, this episode is anything but as we had a fun time ripping it apart. We end on Mike giving a rambling plug for Elizabeth's Instagram (, which features her awesome portraits of movie stars.