Book Club

In our latest episode we review Book Club. We talk about Hollywood's penchant for treating all actors the same once they pass 60, Andy Garcia's magical blazer and jeans combo, and why a billionaire would be a commercial airline pilot. It will all make sense once you listen to the episode. 

It's not often a movie makes one of us visibly angry during its final act, but Life of the Party sure did. Want to find out which one of it was? Smash that download button! 

In our latest episode we review Life of the Party. There's also a little trailer talk, plus we review a really weird space commercial we saw before the previews. 

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Breaking In

In celebration of Mother's Day weekend, we honored our Moms the best way we knew how: seeing a movie about a mom fighting a non-threatening band of bad guys who kidnapped her kids. In this episode we review Breaking In. There's also some Trailer Talk (TM) and we discuss a post-movie fight that nearly broke out at the theater we went to. 


In our latest episode we review the Charlize Theron dramedy Tully. We start things off with a little role reversal: Elizabeth does the opening intro while Mike observes silently. Then we discuss some heavy spoilers and talk about the film's twist. We won't say who, but one of us absolutely hated the movie. The other one didn't like it either, but the hatred wasn't as intense. 

After a brief hiatus we're back with our review of Avengers: Infinity War! Be warned, we spoil the whole damn thing for you. Though to be fair: if you haven't seen it by now, you're just not a good fan, right? We also review the Lincoln Center IMAX theater in New York City (legit) and talk a little bit about the post-credits scene.