After 260-plus episodes you think we'd have our intro nailed by now. 

Nope. It's still a constant struggle. 

But a constant struggle we like to share with you guys rather than editing out because's fun to listen to couples that aren't yours argue, right? Plus Elizabeth's laugh is fun to listen to. 

After our challenging takeoff, in this episode we review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (or JW:FK) as we call it.

Spoiler alert: this movie had one of the lamest post-credits scene since post-credits scenes became a thing. 

We also dive into some Trailer Talk, reviewing the trailers for Creed II and Welcome to Marwen. 

Tag (2018)

Dear listener, we're willing to wager this may be the finest podcast episode ever recorded in a car.

Join us on our drive down to our yearly North Carolina family vacation to listen to our review of the comedy Tag. Along with the sound of our lovely voices, you'll also be treated the constant purring of a car engine, our GPS, and the smoothest sounding turn signal you've ever heard. 

We also have a little trailer talk covering a HUGE horror movie jump scare that nearly sent Elizabeth out of her seat. 

Plus we go into great detail about how Mike shushed a group of chatty teenage girls. Listen to the gripping tale of our righteous hero, a 35 year old adult man, pitting himself against those villainous children just trying to have a good time! 

Hotel Artemis

In our latest episode we review Jodie Foster and Sterling K. Brown in Hotel Artemis, the post-apocalyptic crime noir thriller action film. It had a lot of genres. Plus we dive into a little trailer talk. 

In the first of a several part series, we call on the pod's subject matter expert for all things Harry Potter, Becca Steinhoff, to help us review Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We discuss the film itself, how the entire series compares to other epic fantasy ones like it, and Becca and Mike have a heated exchange over who made the better Dumbledore: Harris or Gambon. After re-listening to the episode and Becca's passionate analysis, we're still not sure if she knows it isn't real. This one is a must-listen for any Harry Potter nerds out there. 

Ocean’s 8

In its opening weekend Ocean's 8 had a decent run at the box office but a tough time with the critics. So what'd we think of it? That's what we cover in our latest episode. Plus we get into a little trailer talk to discuss Jennifer Garner's foray into the Taken ripoff genre, a movie called Peppermint. Mike also dubs a new term to describe his knowledge of all things Christopher Nolan: "Nol-edge." 

This episode is a two-parter-in-one as we review Solo: A Star Wars Story. To lead off Mike is joined by his buddy, comedian and Star Wars fanatic Pete Bladel ( to talk about Solo and go in-depth on the Star Wars cinematic universe. Then for part two of the episode (starting at 32:54), Mike talks about his second viewing of the movie with Elizabeth, his regular co-pilot on the pod. Same movie with different perspectives. 

Deadpool 2

If you're here for an in-depth review of Deadpool 2, you're out of luck. This quick episode discusses the film briefly, but delves much deeper why someone would Snapchat scenes from a movie WHILE WATCHING THE MOVIE. That's right, someone in the theater we watched Deadpool 2 at recorded large chunks of it on their phone to post for other people to watch online. Why the hell would anyone do that? Find out our best guesses in this episode!


In our latest episode we review Upgrade, the film that tells the timeless tale of "Boy Meets Spinal-Infused Robot." We also have a segment of Trailer Talk and we have a blast trashing the idiots in our theater who talked to the screen.