Mike is back for a solo episode reviewing Blackkklansman. In this episode he reviews the movie, a horror movie trailer he may have dreamt he saw, and a couple of talking moviegoers he had no way to shush. 

Mile 22

In this episode we review Mile 22, which was certainly a movie. We review Ronda Rousey's performance, talk about the weird ending, and do a deep dive into the new character Mark Wahlberg loves to play where he talks down to people even though he seems dumb - a character we like to call "Condescending Wahlberg." 

And now, for something completely different: in this episode, we review the Fathom Event we recently attended: a screening of Cowboy Bepop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door. It was a show turned into a movie Elizabeth used to like and she convinced Mike to see it. It being his first anime he'd ever seen, he was intrigued. 

In our latest episode we review the smash hit Crazy Rich Asians. We give our review of the movie, get into an argument over whether or not the family's dad should have shown up, and talk about a really sad moviegoer who sat behind us and cried through a disturbingly long amount of the movie. 

Mike and Elizabeth Went! To the Movies and saw Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. 

In this episode we review the very funny Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. 

In Trailer Talk we discuss the trailers for Smallfoot and the sequel to the Lego Movie. 

We also get in a lengthy argument about the first time MoviePass failed us (or, if you're asking Elizabeth, the first time Mike failed MoviePass). It's a wide-ranging episode, folks. 

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In today's mini-episode of Trailer Talk, we revisit The spooky trailer from The Nun. Why, you ask? Because this trailer elicited a fairly unique...or maybe, not unique at all...reaction from one of the two members of the podcast when we saw it. Which member, you ask? First off, why are you asking so many questions? Secondly, you'll have to smash that download button to find out! Seriously, this whole preview is to entice you to download it. No way we'd give away the answer here. 

The Meg

What would happen if the script to Jaws huffed paint? You'd probably end up with The Meg. Check out our review of this mindless, late summer blockbuster. We definitely enjoyed the experience...but probably not the way the filmmakers intended. 

The only thing more fun than signing up for our new weekly email, Popcorn for Dinner? Listening to our latest episode of Trailer Talk! In this one we review the latest trailer for Robin Hood. We talk about the endless Robin Hood reboots as well as the idea of casinos existing in medieval times. 

Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade! The Haddish-o-meter! Tyler Perry as a non-Madea woman! 

In order for all those references to make sense, you'll need to listen to our latest episode. 

Tossed in with all that is a review of The Spy Who Dumped Me, the Mila Kunis-Kate McKinnon spy comedy. We also do a little trailer talk, reviewing the trailer for Tyler Perry's latest, Nobody's Fool. 

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In this episode we talk about the recent struggles of MoviePass and the services near demise. We give our theories on why the greatest thing to happen to movie fans isn't working out. Will it last? Will it be replaced by something else? Check out our analysis! 

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