The Predator

In this episode we review The Predator. We discuss the film itself and Elizabeth's concern for the Predator dog featured in the film.

The trailer for Captain Marvel is here, and we've got thoughts on it. Join us for the latest edition of Trailer Talk. We give our review of the Captain Marvel trailer. 

Mike also explains the concept of Skrulls to Elizabeth, leading us to speculate what her reaction will be to a Marvel film that includes one of her favorite movie features (bodyswapping). 

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight was recently re-released in 70mm IMAX to celebrate the 10 anniversary of its release in 2008, so you know we had to see it. 

We talk about the movie, Mike's favorite film in The Dark Knight Trilogy, the way Elizabeth alerted Mike to the re-release, and about some innovations in the moviegoing experience.  

A Simple Favor

In this episode we review A Simple Favor, which is anything but simple. Plus seeing it hardly felt like we were doing or receiving a favor. False advertising all the way around. 

Towards the end of the episode we introduce a new concept known as the "We Just Saw A Movie Anger Hall of Fame," or films that made us so angry after we saw them, we walked out of the theater angry. 

In this episode, Mike tells you why you shouldn't see a universally-panned movie that's been out of theaters for what seems like a month. 

Mike reviews The Happytime Murders and tells you exactly where this movie slipped up. 

He also goes on a rant about the 2012 sci-fi piece of garbage Prometheus, with a bonus rant on what he'd do if encountered with a human version of the film. It's not pretty. 

The Nun

In this episode we go outside our usual comfort zone to take in a showing of the latest offering from the Conjuring Universe, The Nun. The trailer was pretty scary, but how does the movie stack up?

We discuss the film's "plot." Or at least SOMEONE thought it was a plot. 

We also go into the film's general lack of scariness. 

Mike asks the question: what is a Duke? 

We go over an advance seating controversy we witnessed at the showing we went to. 

Finally, Mike puts on his old man hat to talk about how he narced on some kids sitting on the theater stairs. 

We swore this was supposed to be a quick episode talking about the trailer for Second Act, JLo's new movie Mike was offended by. 

It proves to be anything about that. 

This one's wide ranging. We discuss the trailer (Mike hated it, Elizabeth thought it looked lame) as well as JLo's career, how perfect her and A-Rod are for each other, the performance of Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained, and the emergency of "post-comedy comedy" and why Mike has a problem with that. 

We told you. It's wide ranging.

This one's a great listen for true super fans of the show. 


For frequent listeners of our podcast you know how much we enjoy a good, dumb action movie. Peppermint has been on our radar for awhile as one we're particularly looking forward to. 

So how did it stack up? 

In this episode we review Jennifer Garner's take on the revenge action genre. Plus we reviewa pretty misguided trailer for Instant Family that kinda sorta compares adopting a foster kid to picking out a puppy. 


In today's episode we talk about Searching, a thriller that takes place 100% on a computer screen. When you think about it, it's the perfect movie for those idiots who always check their phones at the movies. Why bother checking your phone? You're already looking at a screen! 

We're back with another episode of Trailer Talk! In this ep we review the trailer for What Men Want, the comedy starring podcast favorite Taraji P. Henson. Our discussion also turns to the 2009 Karate Kid remake. 

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