In our three years of reviewing 25 Christmas movies throughout all of December, we have never seen one with an ending as messed up and shocking as "Christmas in the Heartland." 

Here's the description from IMDB: "Kara and Jessie are two teenager girls from very different worlds, but with a little Christmas magic, they find they have much more in common than they ever imagined."

Our 25 Days of Christmas rolls on, this time with a review of a film...that barely has anything to do with Christmas. But it does feature lots of figure skating, a young Kevin Spacey lookalike, and a Mom of indeterminate age who may be younger than her daughter. It's called Falling For Christmas. Here's the IMDB description: 

"An injured figure skater is sent to the mountains to recover from an injury. Once there, she meets an ex-hockey player and his young daughter and begins to realise that something is missing from her life."

If you've listened to any of our 25 Days of Christmas episodes before, you know how much we love bad Christmas movies featuring inns. 

This one has a damn inn in the title. 

In our latest we review "Snowed Inn Christmas." Here's the description from IMDB

"Jenna Hudson (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Kevin Jenner (Andrew Walker) are polar opposites working for the same online publication in New York City. With both having nowhere they want to be for Christmas, they volunteer for a special writing assignment. After a snowstorm forces their plane to land in none other than Santa Claus, Indiana, the two are placed in a Christmas Wonderland and the focus of their story shifts to saving the historic town inn run by Carol and Christopher Winters. As the two overcome their differences, they also rediscover the magic of Christmas. But with the inn's fate in jeopardy and the return of someone from Jenna's past, Carol and Christopher lend a helping hand to bring Jenna and Kevin together."

When you think "Christmas," you obviously think: buff guys at shopping malls dancing inappropriately. 

Or at least that's what this movie would have you think. 

In the latest episode in our 2018 25 Days of Christmas, we review Desperately Seeking Santa. Here's the IMDB description

"Jennifer, a young, ambitious executive running promotions at a failing Boston mall comes up with a genius promotional gimmick to save her workplace and position herself for advancement: hold a "Hunky Santa" contest to replace the old Mall Santa. David, a local man trying to save his family's pizzeria, ultimately wins the contest and sparks fly between him and Jennifer. However, complications ensue when it comes to light that the company Jennifer works for is the same one trying to run David's family out of business."

As our 25 Days of Christmas roll on, in today's episode we review "Finding Christmas," a 2013 Hallmark movie. Here's the description from IMDB: "Sean, a New York adman, swaps his swanky loft for an aspiring musician's North Carolina cottage after a proposal gone wrong leads him to find a holiday escape. Sparks fly when he meets single mother Ryan. On the other end of the swap, singer Owen is charmed by Sean's sassy assistant, Mia. As these singles open up their homes, they also unexpectedly open up their hearts for the romantic possibilities in store this Christmas." 

Now that Thanksgiving is over and you're onto your third plate of leftovers, it's time for that most special of holiday traditions...

The We Just Saw A Movie 25 Days of Christmas! 

It's our third annual edition of the 25 Days and we're back with more (mostly bad) Christmas movie reviews. We kick things off with the 2016 Hallmark movie Christmas on the Homestead. Here's the description from IMDB

"Life is turned upside down for the handsome mayor of Homestead when a movie comes to shoot there in the middle of the Christmas season. And when the movie's leading lady starts falling for him, things get a whole lot more complicated." 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Mike is joined yet again by comedian Pete Bladel who volunteers, as W would say, to "be mah vahce" in this episode. 

In this VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of Trailer Talk, we discuss the trailer for the upcoming Dick Cheney biopic, Vice.

Directed by Adam McKay and starring an unrecognizable Christian Bale, we talk about what we expect from movie about the veep with the happiest trigger finger since Aaron Burr. 

Creed II

Mike is joined by comedian and Rocky superfan Pete Bladel to talk Creed II. 

Where does it rank in the pantheon of Rocky movies? Were the training montages trainier than normal? Did multiple people say, "Yo!"? Does Carl Weathers show up as a Force ghost?

Download the episode to find out! 

We review the movie which features the return of one of cinema's finest villains, Ivan Drago. We also go full "ranting old man" and complain about kids in the theater, with Mike and Pete discussing how they would run the theater they're going to own one day. 

Robin Hood

The new Robin Hood movie is like stopping at McDonald's. Fine for the short term, sure, but no one could argue that you really NEEDED it.

This latest retelling of the classic tale has all the things you've come to know and love about the Robin Hood mythos. Staples of the legend like leather jackets, machine gun cross bows, wildly varying accents, bridges made of reinforced steel, and lots of plot points ripped directly from Batman. You know, everything you'd expect to appear in an English village between the years 800-1200, A.D.

We're surprised a Terminator didn't show up. 

To quote the great philosopher Jacopo Peterman: "This is incoherent drivel!"

This movie was bad if you don't know anything about Harry Potter, and probably worse if you do. The only crime committed here was JK Rowling's nightmare of a script. 

In today's episode we review the latest offering from JK Rowling's Wizarding World, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

If you like movies with 1,800 main characters and countless subplots, boy are you in luck with this gem. 

Warning: as he gets warmed up, Mike does a fair amount of yelling in this one. It's always good to get worked up about stupid stories intended for children. (That's the thing though, this really wasn't! But it should have been!) 

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