Nobody’s Fool

In this episode we review Nobody's Fool. 

We're not going to sugar coat this one. It sucked. 

And try as she might - and believe you me, she tried her damndest and almost made it watchable - even the wonderfully talented and funny Tiffany Haddish couldn't salvage this train wreck. 

There was also a crazy guy in the theater who kept responding to the people in the movie as if they were talking to him. We talk to that guy as well. Wish we could have had him on as a guest, but you'll have to settle for Mike's impression of him. 


Spirited Away

It's time for Elizabeth to broaden Mike's horizons once again with another anime feature. In this episode we review Spirited Away. 

Mike comments on how much the movie's antagonist freaked him out. 

Also, the word "Yubaba" is said over and over again. Try saying it yourself. It's a blast. 


Enjoy hearing this episode of Trailer Talk discussing a Tyler Perry Madea movie. You can be damn sure you're not going to get an episode on the entire movie. 

In this episode, Mike breaks down the trailer for Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral. He talks about the movie HE would make - and rest assured, it's wildly different than what we ended up with. 

Tyler Perry, if you're listening: let us know if you still want to make this happen. It's not too late. 


In this episode we review The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

The one thing this movie has going for it? More realms than most. 

It's unclear who this movie was supposed to appeal to, but we do our best to figure out why it got made. We also dive into a bit more talk on Bohemian Rhapsody. 


For WEEKS, Mike's been banging on the "Let's do a Trailer Talk about Widows" door.

Finally, Elizabeth relents and let him in. 

Check out our latest episode of Trailer Talk, where we review the trailer for windows. Per usual, we get off track and end up talking about a bunch of other stuff including whether or not Michelle Rodriguez is a jerk in real life. In case you're wondering, neither of us offers a solid conclusion on that front. 


Bohemian Rhapsody exceeded all expectations at the box office in its opening weekend, but how was it? 

In this episode we revie the Freddie Mercury biopic starring the great Rami Malek. 

We also give a mini-review of an AMC Dolby theater for you movie theater nerds out there. 


The Craft

Halloween may be over, but that didn't stop us from reviewing another Halloween-adjacent movie. In this episode we review The Craft. 

Why exactly did the last act make Mike so angry? Do movie witches worship Satan? Is Elizabeth in fact a witch? All these questions - and more - answered in today's episode! 


Happy Halloween everybody! We're back with a review of a Halloween classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Neither of us have seen this one before so we caught it on a re-release in theaters. How does it hold up after 25 years since it premiered? Smash that play button to find out what we thought. 

We also debate whether it's a Christmas or Halloween movie and tell a quick tale about the teens in our theater who had clearly been trying to sneak into another movie. 


Liam Neeson as a revenge-crazed Dad using a snow plow to kill bad guys? Please, take our money. 

In today's episode we review the trailer for Cold Pursuit, the latest in the long line of movies where Liam Neeson uses a particular set of skills to take out a bunch of bad guys. In this one, his particular skill is using a snow plow to kill people. 

Yes, you read that right. 


Hunter Killer

We're back with a review of Hunter Killer, the new submarine/Navy SEAL action movie produced by and starring Gerard Butler. In this episode we break down the movie and also talk about Gerard's place as a first ballot We Just Saw A Movie Hall of Famer. 


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