This past Saturday, the web series Mike wrote and produced called "Mike Works From Home" screened as part of the Chelsea Film Festival. Mike and Elizabeth were on hand at the AMC Loews 34th St. theater in Manhattan to take in the festivities. In this episode we talk about the experience of seeing Mike on the big screen, the festival's filmmaker Q&A, and what it might be like if Mike runs into someone on a movie set that he previously trashed on the podcast. 

Check out Mike Works From Home at Mike's website: https://mikeeltringham.com/mike-works-from-home



In this episode Mike reviews David Gordon Green's Halloween, the sequel to the 1978 version of...Halloween. He talks about his bad theater seat location, his theory on why Michael Myers was sent to kill (it has to do with murdering podcast hosts), and what kind of Groupon deal Laurie Strode must have gotten on self-defense dummies. 


Free Solo

In this episode we're reviewing Free Solo, the critically acclaimed documentary about free solo climber Alex Hannold. We also give an in-depth review of the rude ladies who sat next to us. Their obnoxiousness made us want to jump off the side of El Capitan with no harness. 


First Man

In our latest episode we answer a lot of BIG questions. 

Does Jason Clarke's chin appear to be shot in 3-D even when it wasn't? 

Was the moon landing faked? 

Was this movie actually shot on the moon? 

We tell you all that and more in our review of Damien Chazelle's First Man. We also tell you about our awesome buffer zone in an IMAX theater and sick aisle seats, which for some reason people don't prefer to sitting in the center.

We'll never understand why. 


We love our fans. 

We love giving you guys reviews of new movies and trailer each week. Sometimes funny, always honest. 

In this episode we do something a little different. 

In today's episode, we let you listen in while we sign up for AMC A-List memberships. What is that, you ask? And why would anyone want to listen to two people on their phones for 15 minutes? 

As always...download the episode to find out! 


We had a Good Time recording this review of Bad Times at the El Royale. In this episode you'll find out what we thought about the thriller, as well as Elizabeth's opinion on Jon Hamm's Foghorn Leghorn impression. 


You feeling lucky...Punk? 

In this episode we review the trailer for Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort, The Mule. 

This one polarizes the dynamic duo. But which one of them is pro-Eastwood, and which one is anti? Smash that download button to find out. 


A Star is Born

Cooper! Gaga! Drinking and singing with a grizzled accent! 

In this episode we review A Star is Born.

Sure, Bradley Cooper is great as a mentally challenged Eagles fan or member of the A-Team, but how will he fare BEHIND the camera? Download this episode to find out! 


In a quick hit episode of Trailer Talk, we discuss the trailer for Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. 


In the latest episode of Trailer Talk, we discuss the recently released trailer for Dark Phoenix. We also dive into a little talk on the X-Men series itself. 


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