Christmas Joy

How long would it take to bake cookies for something known as a cookie crawl? A few hours, tops, right? Even not knowing what a cookie crawl is, that would be your guess wouldn't it? 


According to today's movie we reviewed from the Hallmark Channel, cookie crawl prep would take weeks on end. In today's episode we review Christmas Joy.

Here's the description from IMDB: "She's a corporate market researcher, gunning for a promotion within her firm. Just as her company's CEO is taking notice, Joy finds out her Aunt Ruby has broken her ankle and will be undergoing surgery. Despite the less than opportune timing, Joy makes her way back home to Crystal Falls, NC to be with her Aunt. Stars seem to be aligned as Joy sees her former crush, Ben Andrews, while at the hospital. At first, Joy is focused solely on helping her Aunt heal; even taking over her position as chair of the local Cookie Crawl competition. Eventually, she begins to let Ben in and remembers there's no place like home for the holidays. The pair work together on the Cookie Crawl to make the event a success."

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