As our 25 Days of Christmas roll on, we've got our first Hallmark Channel movie where punctuation plays an important role in the title. Today we review "It's Christmas, Eve" starring LeeAnn Rimes. Here's the description from IMDB: "Interim school superintendent Eve Morgan finds herself in a tough spot when she is assigned to shut down a school's failing music program and must come to terms with her musical past." 


The horrors of shoe addiction are on full display in this Hallmark Channel Christmas movie called "A Shoe Addict's Christmas." Starring Candace Cameron Bure, the shoe addiction barely plays a role in the movie. 

Here's the description from IMDB: "Noelle, a holiday hater who toils in a department store in which she is accidentally locked on Christmas Eve. There, she meets a woman who identifies herself as Noelle's guardian angel and introduces her to several "ghosts" of Christmases past, present, and future."


In the three years of doing our 25 Days of Christmas, we have our first Hallmark Channel sequel. In today's episode we review Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. Here's the description from IMDB: "When Lisa (Wagner) takes a last-minute Christmas trip to her hometown of Evergreen, she finds that the historic general store has been closed. Using her skills as a professional retail designer, Lisa decides to keep local tradition alive and help the good people of Evergreen bring the store back to life. As Lisa charms a local contractor named Kevin (Deklin) into working with her, the pair find themselves facing one surprise after another as they restore the store to its former glory. When the staff at the Kringle Kitchen temporarily accept the store's beloved 'Mailbox to Santa' for safekeeping, the townspeople find and rally around a mysterious 25-year-old letter that never made it to the North Pole. As old traditions are made new again, Lisa finds herself falling for Kevin, the traditions, and the town of Evergreen." 


In today's episode we review Christmas in Love, another Hallmark Channel movie that explores two elements often ignored in these films: baking and love. 

Here's the description from IMDB: "Ellie Hartman is an aspiring crafter working in her small town's bakery making famous Christmas Kringles. When the new, big-city CEO Nick Carlingson visits the bakery, he arrives filled with modernization ideas destined to lay off many employees. During his visit, Ellie is to teach Nick how to make a Kringle, and determined to show him it's the people who make the business a success, not machines. Nick meets more of the employees and townspeople, visits the food bank and begins to see all the kindness that is shared, and he begins to soften - though not convinced automation isn't better. Struggling with chasing her own entrepreneurial dreams, Ellie begins to fall for Nick but not before feeling betrayed when she inadvertently sees Nick's laptop filled with automation plans. When Nick finally tells the employees his future ideas for the company, Ellie must decide if she should trust him, but more importantly, whether to take a leap of faith in making her own dreams come true."


Christmas Joy

How long would it take to bake cookies for something known as a cookie crawl? A few hours, tops, right? Even not knowing what a cookie crawl is, that would be your guess wouldn't it? 


According to today's movie we reviewed from the Hallmark Channel, cookie crawl prep would take weeks on end. In today's episode we review Christmas Joy.

Here's the description from IMDB: "She's a corporate market researcher, gunning for a promotion within her firm. Just as her company's CEO is taking notice, Joy finds out her Aunt Ruby has broken her ankle and will be undergoing surgery. Despite the less than opportune timing, Joy makes her way back home to Crystal Falls, NC to be with her Aunt. Stars seem to be aligned as Joy sees her former crush, Ben Andrews, while at the hospital. At first, Joy is focused solely on helping her Aunt heal; even taking over her position as chair of the local Cookie Crawl competition. Eventually, she begins to let Ben in and remembers there's no place like home for the holidays. The pair work together on the Cookie Crawl to make the event a success."


Today's episode finds us following the tradition of the "Road to.." movies of Hope and Crosby in the form of Michael Murray and Schram. We review the Hallmark Channel's "Road to Christmas." 

The description, from IMDB: "A TV producer is producing a Christmas Special for the 5th year but she is then told to co-produce it with the host's son. Initially, she's not too happy about it but - Christmas brings friends and families together."


In the latest episode of our 25 Days of Christmas, we review Christmas at Pemberley Manor, another Hallmark Channel classic. Here's the description from IMDB: "Loosely based (editor's note: you ain't kiddin') on Pride and Prejudice, event planner Elizabeth Bennet is initially at odds with Mr. Darcy, the owner of Pemberley Manor, which she intends to be the venue of her next event, but soon finds herself irresistibly attracted to him."


The Grinch

We take a break from the mind-numbing monotony of the Hallmark Christmas movies to review The Grinch. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a green dog-like human who can't seem to meet a man who likes Christmas but has 25 days to find one who likes to bake cookies and decorate trees and OH MY GOD THIS ONE IS ALSO LIKE A HALLMARK MOVIE SOMEHOW! 

Just kidding. It's just another adaptation of the Grinch, this time without the horrifying Jim Carrey prosthetics. 


This...was a weird one. 

"A Bride for Christmas" is a 2012 Hallmark Christmas movie about a woman who leaves guys at the alter being courted by a guy who can't commit. Aside from the guy getting teased by his guy friends for an inability to commit (a conversation that's never happened in the history of guys hanging out), but one of the character jokingly says she's gay in the first ten minutes.

That may not be odd for real life or even a normal movie, but in the Hallmark universe, this sort of thing is rare. They never say whether she was being honest or joking and this really bothered Elizabeth for some reason. She goes on an Internet crusade mid-episode to figure out whether or not the character was actually gay. 

Do we ever get to the bottom of a single supporting character's sexual orientation? Tune into find out. 


There's something about being married at the holidays where you just feel like wishing you were never married, right? Wait, what do you mean that's not a common or healthy thing to wish for? Not according to today's Christmas movie, A Dream of Christmas. 

Here's the description from IMDB: "When a restless young married woman is granted a wish by a Christmas Angel to be single again, she soon discovers her new life isn't what she bargained for, and embarks on a quest to win her husband back."


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