We're back with a new episode where we talk about Isn't It Romantic. It's the parody of romantic comedies that pretty much turns into what it's parodying at the end. 

In our latest episode, it's a very, VERY special edition of Trailer Talk in which we cover Fast and the Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. A film with a title that long and strange just demands a preview podcast about its trailer, and we're not one to shy away from giving the people what they want. 

In this episode we review Alita: Battle Angel, the new sci-fi franchise from Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron. Mike also goes on a rant against those Coke Freestyle machines that are popping up everywhere nowadays. 

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! In this episode we talk about the direct to Netflix feature The Perfect Romance. We tried to honor this day celebrating love in the best way we know how: watching and ridiculing a movie about cretins who make another dating app. Only they don't call it an app, they call it an algorithm. We're not sure the people who made this film actually understand what an algorithm is. 

What Men Want

We're back with a review of a movie Elizabeth's been anticipating for what seems like forever: What Men Want. How'd it stack up to her expectations? Hit that play button to find out! 

Mike referred to it to the box office attendant as "King Arthur Court Kid." Its actual name? The Kid Who Would Be King, and it's the movie we're reviewing in today's episode. 

Green Book

In today's episode we're back to review Green Book. Does it live up to the Oscar-nominated hype? Smash that download button to find out. 

Coffee Shop

If you're a fan of this podcast and like hearing about big Hollywood movies you are going to see or have already seen...this ain't the episode for you. 

If you like our reviews of Hallmark Christmas movies....pop a big bowl of popcorn and settle in, because you're going to like what we have to say with this one. 

In this episode we review the Netflix movie Coffee Shop. I'd say more about the plot, but we break the whole thing down in the episode. 


In our latest episode we're talking about the film the world desperately needed at a time like this. That's right, it's Bumblee, the 28th Transformers movie. It actually wasn't that bad. 


Say whatever you want about Matthew McConaughey's new film Serenity. It was weird. It was bonkers. It featured a lot of gratuitous nudity. But it wasn't dull. In this episode, we review Serenity. WARNING: as with most of our episodes, we go into heavy-spoiler territory here. If you plan to see this movie, don't spoil it as it would be a lot less interesting if you know what's coming. So be forewarned, there are spoilers ahead. 

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