Phantom Thread

February 21, 2018

We're back with a review of Paul Thomas Anderson's latest, Phantom Thread. We talk about what made the movie so great and Elizabeth casts doubts on Daniel Day-Lewis's "retirement" announcement, comparing it to Jay Z's. 


Black Panther

February 19, 2018

On our latest episode, we're joined by our friends Kate and Warren to discuss Black Panther. In this wide ranging episode, we also discuss the trailer for Solo, the trailer for Ant-Man and Wasp, and inexplicably, a deep dive into the careers of both Michael Douglas and Tom Cruise. For anyone looking to skip directly to the Black Panther review, it starts up at around 19:22. 


Fifty Shades Freed

February 14, 2018

The Godfather. Lord of the Rings. The Dark Knight. All great trilogies. But they pale in comparison to the epic tale of Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and the final installment, the magnum opus...Fifty Shades Freed. In today's episode we spend a good 26 minutes ripping on this piece of garbage. Mike gives his first 0 rating. Fans of this series should miss this episode. 


The Post

February 12, 2018

We're back with a short episode reviewing Hanks, Streep, and Spielberg's The Post. We were definitely underwhelmed. We talk about the expectations for a film with such an all star crew, the great acting performances, and the film's inability to pick one theme and stick with it. 


The Cloverfield Paradox

February 8, 2018

Mike's flying solo on this episode after watching The Cloverfield Paradox and declaring it so bad an "emergency podcast" was needed. Have a listen at Mike ripping on what may be the worst movie ever released directly after the Super Bowl.


I, Tonya

February 6, 2018

We're back with a review of the movie everyone seems to love (everyone meaning the critics, not Nancy Kerrigan), I, Tonya. We talk about the stellar performances, reflect a little bit on our thoughts about the real life case, and talk some trailers as well. 


Den of Thieves

January 23, 2018

We're back, and better than ever! We return from our small winter break with an all new review of Den of Thieves. We also dive into our fascination with the career of Gerard Butler. 


The Shape of Water

January 8, 2018

In this episode we're joined by our friend Kate to review The Shape of Water. It gives a more realistic of fish-men than Jason Momoa's Aquaman. We also talk about the trailers for Alpha and Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs. 


The Greatest Showman

January 3, 2018

Happy New Year everybody! We're back with our first episode of 2018 to review The Greatest Showman. We talk about Hugh Jackman's inexplicable range. We also discuss trailers for Sherlock Gnomes and A Wrinkle in Time. Plus Mike relays a story of the time he worked at a movie theater and a family registered an odd complaint about Rent. 



December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas! We finally reached the big day, and as a reward we decided to treat ourselves to a movie we actually enjoyed, Will Ferrell's 2003 holiday classic Elf. After all those Hallmark movies, God know's we earned it. We talk about why Elf is one of our favorite Christmas movies (the answer involves both Will Ferrell and James Caan). Hope you and yours have a great holiday!