You feeling lucky...Punk? 

In this episode we review the trailer for Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort, The Mule. 

This one polarizes the dynamic duo. But which one of them is pro-Eastwood, and which one is anti? Smash that download button to find out. 


A Star is Born

Cooper! Gaga! Drinking and singing with a grizzled accent! 

In this episode we review A Star is Born.

Sure, Bradley Cooper is great as a mentally challenged Eagles fan or member of the A-Team, but how will he fare BEHIND the camera? Download this episode to find out! 


In a quick hit episode of Trailer Talk, we discuss the trailer for Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. 


In the latest episode of Trailer Talk, we discuss the recently released trailer for Dark Phoenix. We also dive into a little talk on the X-Men series itself. 



This past weekend, Venom set a record for largest opening weekend for an October release.

But was it any good? 

In this episode we review Tom Hardy's Venom. We talk about the film itself as well as Tom Hardy's career in general - Elizabeth isn't a fan, Mike is. 


Guys....if you're here for a review of the trailer for Shazam...

...you're out of luck. 

Elizabeth gets a fit of the giggles in this episode, and thankfully, we never really recover. This one covers little about the trailer for Shazam and involves Elizabeth trying to talk through her own laughter. 

Highlights include Elizabeth thinking this is a remake of Kazam and both of us discussing the possibility of an "-Azam Cinematic Universe." 


White Boy Rick

In this episode Mike reviews White Boy Rick. He talks about the only time he felt like a loser seeing a movie by himself, whether or not you can truly spoil a movie based on a true story, and the joy of hearing Matthew McConaughey say "custard." Plus hang out 'til the end for an Elizabeth cameo! 


Night School

We're back with a review of the Kevin Hart/Tiffany Haddish comedy Night School. Was this movie more or less entertaining than actually getting your GED? Only one way to find out - download this episode!


In this very SPECIAL edition of Trailer Talk, we break down the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass. This is the sequel to Split, Unbreakable, and, if you ask Elizabeth....the Sixth Sense? We break down the trailer and talk about M. Night Shyamalan's career a little bit. 


Miss us last week? We're back. Refreshed, relaxed, and focused on giving you all the best damn movie review podcast in the nation. 

We're back with a review of Assassination Nation. This movie was kind of weird. Didn't love it, didn't hate it, but definitely had a lot of opinions on it. 


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